Gi.Plastic Group Vending srl produces highly reliable vending items

The rigorous selection of raw materials, continuous technological research and continuous investments have made it possible to guarantee products suitable for all current regulations in the food sector , paying particular attention to environmental protection .

In order not to lose its productive nature, the Company has started a process of technological modernization of the machinery so as to be able to replace the old plastic product with new compostable ones so as to meet the needs of a market increasingly oriented towards receiving products highly qualitative.

We offer compostable stirrers , (in compliance with the UNI EN 13432/2002 standard) available in various sizes and versions for every use.

In addition to the compostable products in CPLA, our company has perfected the production of PS REUSE stirrers , CERTIFIED REUSABLE stirrers for 125 WASHES _ Compliant with the UNI EN 12875-1:2005 standard, we are already in production with the new products intended for both the DA than for the OCS.

Gi.Plastic Group Vending srl carries out deliveries throughout the national and European territory very quickly, so as to be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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    Gi.Plastic is always GREEN

    Ideas and innovation to support
    environmental sustainability

    Respect for the environment the three "R"



    Reduce resources and polluting emissions during the production cycle


    Develop products that allow their reuse


    Insert the now exhausted/obsolete products into a new production cycle

    Compostable and Reusable

    All our stirrers are designed with respect for the environment. Gi.Plastic has chosen renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions

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    All our STIRRES manufacturedin compostable or reusable material for both the VENDING and OCS sectors